WFP and Good Neighbors International Team Up To Improve School Meals And Food Security In Kyrgyzstan

  • The United Nations World Food Program (UN WFP) and the international NGO Good Neighbors International (Republic of Korea) signed a Memorandum of Understanding to launch a partnership aimed at improving school meals and food security in the Kyrgyz Republic.

UN WFP and Good Neighbors International in the Kyrgyz Republic will implement joint projects aimed at rural infrastructure developing, increasing agricultural production and improving healthy eating practices.

In particular, the main priority of the partnership will be to ensure access to clean drinking water in rural communities, especially for social institutions such as schools. The Good Neighbors International in the Kyrgyz Republic  will also support the constructions and renovations in school canteens, including installing basic water and sanitary communications such as water filtraiton, sewage to introducing hot meals in schools.

“We are commited to provide all primary school children in Kyrgyzstan, especially in remote and economically poor areas, with high-quality hot meals,” said Andrea Bagnoli, WFP Kyrgyz Republic Country Director. “The partnership with the Good Neighbors International will enable to expand the school meals programme and ensure that more children can benefit from high-quality food in schools for their health and development.”

“We are honored to join efforts with World Food Programme to boost economic development and the well-being of rural communities in the Kyrgyz Republic, especially children,” said Mr. Zhong Hong Soo, Country Director of the Good Neighbors International in the Kyrgyz Republic.

The partnership’s another priority is supporting the nutrition education as well as  hygiene promotition. In this area, partners plan to conduct information campaigns and seminars on healthy eating practices in the target communities and especially in schools.

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