Call for Proposals for Implementing Partners to develop “Women’s Profiles”

UN Women seeks an organization to develop a series of thematic and brief multi‐dimensional data analyses (analytical briefs), focused on description of the most relevant analytical determinations of women from different groups. In the context of present assignment areas of concern are determined by the vulnerability factor/dimension.  Therefore, the list of analytical briefs will be developed on the basis of available statistical data and recourses:

  1. Women with Disability

  2. Young and Elderly Women

  3. Rural Women

  4. Women Migrants

  5. Victims of Violence 

  6. Women with HIV

  7. Women from Minority groups

  8. Women in Science and Innovation

  9. Women in Decision-making and in unconventional professions (Law Enforcement, Justice, Economy, Business)

  10. Women in Peace and Security

*The list might suffer certain changes (to be justified) depending on the availability of statistical data, qualitative resources and vision of hired experts.

Thus, the overall objective of the assignment is to provide national stakeholders with brief but clear analysis, through gender lens and other disaggregation dimensions (such as age, employment and/or marital status, education level, urban/rural place of residence, etc.),  of statistical data which measure the progress on gender equality and degree of vulnerability, marginalization, advantages and benefits of particular groups of women in Kyrgyzstan, describe the factors and determinants causing such a status, side effects/impact resulted, correlation with linked issues/elements/events/areas, etc. (justified and accompanied by appropriate data tabulations).

For more details please refer to the Call for Proposals


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