Joint statement of intent between the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic and the United Nations

Joint statement of intent between the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic and the United Nations. November 12, 2020

The purpose of this statement is to reaffirm the support of the United Nations to the people of Kyrgyzstan during the current challenges to peace, stability and development, and supporting the path to sustainable, inclusive and long-term recovery from the deteriorating socioeconomic situation and devastating consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. The authorities of the Kyrgyz Republic and the United Nations resolve to cooperate closely in addressing these challenges.

The United Nations System will continue to implement sustainable recovery strategies to accelerate progress towards the full implementation of the 2030 Agenda, with a focus on inclusion of the most vulnerable populations. UN support will be grounded in the United Nations Development Assistance Framework 2017-2022, the Voluntary National Review (VNR) and other agreements and commitments that may be mutually agreed.

The current COVID-19 crisis also demands an urgent response. At the time of the release of this mutual statement, the UN is also finalizing with the Government, a COVID-19 Socio-Economic Response framework which will provide an integrated and tailored $25 million support package to alleviate the impact of the pandemic. The framework will target the most vulnerable populations in rural and urban areas, encompassing various actions to support socioeconomic stabilization. Interventions will foster economic resilience, and promote an environmentally sustainable recovery, social cohesion and gender equality. Special emphasis will be placed on creating employment opportunities for young people and women, enhancing systems for food security and social protection, and sustaining access to critical health services and quality education for all. Kyrgyzstan’s hard-won progress on the SDGs must be protected.

The Kyrgyz Republic remains fully committed to all its international obligations and strict implementation of all previously signed bilateral and multilateral international treaties. The Kyrgyz Republic will continue to be engaged in political and other reforms based on UN Charter Foundation on peace, security, development, gender equality and human rights.

The authorities of the Kyrgyz Republic will foster inclusive and transparent decision-making in line with the Constitution of the Kyrgyz Republic and the country’s legal framework. The constitutionally regulated separation of powers among legislative, executive and judicial branches of the State will be upheld and the independence of the oversight institutions of the state further reinforced. The principles of the rule of law, good governance, protection and promotion of human rights and fundamental freedoms, including freedom of speech will be maintained, and the fight against corruption and organized crime will be pursued in accordance with the law, ensuring due process and fair trial.

The Kyrgyz Republic recognizes the importance of citizen participation in public dialogue, advancing a pluralistic system of political parties and organizations and fostering transparent and accountable policies that strengthen the delivery of vital public services to citizens. Kyrgyz authorities will conduct periodic free and fair presidential, parliamentary and local elections, based on the independence and autonomy of the electoral management body to administer the process, and the full and meaningful participation of women and youth. Government authorities will be accountable to prevent, investigate and prosecute electoral violations in a timely manner.

The Government of the Kyrgyz Republic and the United Nations agree to jointly track progress towards planned results and to identify emerging opportunities and risks through continuous evaluation and consultations together with a broad range of stakeholders.

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