UN Resident Coordinator met with Minister of Foreign Affairs

On 4 December, 2020, UN Resident Coordinator in the Kyrgyz Republic Ozonnia Ojielo met with Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic Ruslan Kazakbaev and discussed the current political situation, including the planned constitutional reforms, and how the UN could support the reform process in line with Kyrgyzstan’s international commitments.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Ruslan Kazakbaev informed about the upcoming events, including the referendum on the form of governance, constitutional changes, as well presidential and parliamentary elections and requested a technical support in their implementation. The Minister Kazakbaev noted that the government would continue to observe its international commitments on human rights, rule of law, and strengthening democracy during the process of constitutional changes. 

UN Resident Coordinator Ozonnia Ojielo stated that the development of the new Constitution is the sovereign right of the people and government of Kyrgyzstan and underscored the importance of strengthening the fundamental values including human rights and freedoms as the core principles of the new Constitution. The UN Resident Coordinator noted the efforts to widely engage the public in the constitutional discussions and achieve consensus. The UN Resident Coordinator noted the readiness of the UN to help improve the quality of the documents drafted as part of the constitutional review process by tapping on international expertise and resources of the UN. 


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