FAO and IFAD join forces to develop e-agriculture in Kyrgyzstan

FAO Representative in Kyrgyzstan, Adnan Quereshi and IFAD Country Director Samir Bejaoui signed a Partnership Agreement, which will be an important initial step in the development of e-agriculture in Kyrgyzstan. 

While strengthening collaboration, FAO and IFAD will cooperate for the benefit of the Kyrgyz people supported by FAO's strength in agriculture, food security and natural resource management, and IFAD's ability to strategically engage politically and provide critical financing for developing countries.

“I am delighted to sign this agreement with IFAD, which is groundbreaking in the Kyrgyz Republic, signaling the beginning of a close collaboration between FAO and IFAD”, - said Adnan Quereshi, FAO Representative in Kyrgyzstan.“ This will be the start of our support to the development of the National Strategy for the Digitalisation of Agriculture.”

This general step will help to maximize each Rome-based agency's expertise and comparative advantage so their combined efforts better serve the Kyrgyzstan and its people.

“IFAD is delighted to materialize this first step towards the development of a National Strategy on Digital Agriculture and Food System under the leadership of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Industry and Melioration of the Kyrgyz Republic”, -  commented Samir Bejaoui, IFAD Country Director for the Kyrgyz Republic. “This partnership IFAD/FAO will pave the way to a clear Action Plan which, guided by the Kyrgyz Government, will involve strategic Development Partners towards an inclusive Strategy to accompany the Agricultural sector and Rural Transformation in the country, supported by the New Information and Communication Technologies which already proved successful in the country as well as the sub-region.”

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