United Nations COVID-19 Socioeconomic Response Framework for the Kyrgyz Republic

The United Nations’ COVID-19 socioeconomic response is one part of the United Nations’ three-part response to COVID-19, alongside the immediate health response and the humanitarian response. This framework complements and builds on the health response, as articulated in the National Contingency Plan (prepared by the Ministry of Health with support from the World Health Organization (WHO) and other development partners) and the humanitarian response (as detailed in the Disaster Response Coordination Unit Plan developed with several ministries under the coordination of the Ministry of Emergency Services). The rapid implementation of these three responses together will form a coherent United Nations emergency package.

The present socioeconomic response framework will inform the Joint Workplan for the United Nations system for 2020–2022, and the formulation of the next United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework1 in 2021.

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