A scoping review on health services delivery in Kyrgyzstan: what does the evidence tell us? (2018)

The review critically examines the relevant reporting over the past five years on health services delivery in Kyrgyzstan, considering the following: what are the key issues facing health services delivery in Kyrgyzstan? What are pertinent policy considerations to accelerate the health services delivery agenda? In 2017, a study applying the method of a scoping review set out to address these questions in the context of increasing momentum for reforming health services delivery in Kyrgyzstan. While focusing on unpacking the root causes of bottlenecks in services delivery, the review also recognized the number of positive and innovative practices that offer firsthand know-how and policy options for tackling the underlying causes of the challenges identified. The review worked to bring together findings and recommendations from more than 150 documents focusing on or related to services delivery published between 2012 and 2017. In doing so, the review aimed to highlight consistencies in messages and to align themes from the perspective of health services delivery using a common framework and approach. The findings of the review were complemented by a series of semistructured interviews with key informants and validated during a week-long meeting on health services delivery with key stakeholders during the Den Sooluk Thematic Meeting on Health Services Delivery on 4–7 December 2017 in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. This document reports the key findings and recommendations identified, including recommended actions put forward through the Thematic Meeting for accelerating improvements in selecting services, designing care and organizing providers, strategic purchasing and aligning governance and other system enablers.

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