Smoke-free III World Nomad Games, 2018: Kyrgyzstan's experience

The World Nomad Games (the Games) is a celebration of the culture and traditions of nomadic peoples. The III World Nomad Games, attracting over 70 000 spectators from across the world and participants from 74 countries, were held in Kyrgyzstan on 2–8 September 2018. For the first time, it was decided to make the Games smoke-free, as part of wider measures to reduce tobacco consumption in Kyrgyzstan.

Close cooperation involving the Government of  Kyrgyzstan, the Secretariat of the World Nomad Games, the Ministry of Health, the WHO Country Office in Kyrgyzstan and village health committees put in place measures such as banning smoking in public places and advertising of tobacco products, and providing information and access to quit-smoking support for spectators. The smoke-free Games policy was a success. Observers confirmed that the sports facilities were smoke-free zones, and highlighted the vital input of trained volunteers and civil activists. This report outlines the rationale, implementation and outcomes of the smoke-free Games initiative.  

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Ministry of Health of Kyrgyz Republic