170 daily actions to transform our world

Our planet is a beautiful place. We can easily forget how much it has to offer because we are constantly being reminded of the challenges we face daily, from inequalities to poverty to climate change. If nothing changes to stop, prevent or reverse these challenges, it will only get worse. That is why the United Nations exists.

Everything we stand for is to create a brighter future for every individual, where everyone can thrive and reach their potential. We want to preserve the good that exists in people, places and the planet and put an end to issues that takes hope away from us. That is why world leaders came together in 2015 and mobilised the 2030 Agenda: a set of 17 goals for sustainable development.

This matters to each of us because we are all responsible for being a part of the change. Our actions today affect our children tomorrow. Everyone deserves a fair an equal chance in life. Through the goals, we can reach far and wide because the goals are universal, they leave no one behind. It’s also important to understand that these goals are interconnected. We cannot separate poverty from hunger, or education from women’s empowerment and so on. If we can grasp that, we are closer to understanding the needs that must be met, and in turn we are closer to achieving the 17 goals. It’s time to give back to the planet what the planet has given to us. It’s simple and there is no cost.

Discover some of the simple actions you can take to stay on the road to a prosperous planet.

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