Russian Federation helps World Food Programme to support poor families

Bishkek – The Russian Federation contributed USD 8 million to the World Food Programme in Kyrgyzstan to support poor households. With funding from the Russian Federation, around 9,000 tons of food assistance will be distributed among families affected by the socioeconomic shocks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Funding will provide vital support to poor and vulnerable families in many rural communities to improve their living conditions, train them in practical livelihood skills to empower them in finding better job opportunities, and increase their resilience and preparedness against emergencies. Climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction are key areas in improving community infrastructure.

The Russian contribution will provide support to 125,000 people from families living below the poverty line during the next two years. Families will receive food rations of fortified wheat flour and vegetable oil to meet their basic food needs and to cover the lean season gap in exchange for their participation in training activities (sewing, handicrafts making, beekeeping, cooking, etc.) or various community development projects to construct or rehabilitate local assets such as irrigation canals, drinking water systems and forested areas in targeted communities.

“WFP and many households in the country are grateful to the Russian Federation for its commitment to supporting Kyrgyzstan during this difficult period,” said Andrea Bagnoli, WFP Country Director for Kyrgyzstan. “This contribution will help us provide much-needed assistance to the poorest families affected by the socioeconomic shocks associated with the global pandemic, which has caused unemployment and reduced remittances from migrants.”

“Russia continues to actively help Kyrgyzstan to ensure food security of the population in rural and remote regions that are now even more vulnerable because of the global pandemic,” said Nikolay Udovichenko, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Kyrgyzstan.

The Russian Federation is the largest donor to WFP in the Kyrgyz Republic, funding and providing broad technical and expert support. Since 2008, the Government of the Russian Federation has supported WFP's activities in the Kyrgyz Republic at various levels, from emergency operations, relief and recovery, development projects and to supporting poor households and schoolchildren.

During the pandemic, WFP, with the support of the Russian Federation, sustained its operations across the country and continued to support people who were most in need. WFP and the Russian Federation recommit their support to Kyrgyzstan to ensure food security for the country’s most vulnerable to recover from this difficult period in order to lead productive and healthy lives.


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